Distribution company in San Francisco receives total technology overhaul.

Network Upgrade for Distributor Company Bay Seal Poised for Continued Growth 

Bay Seal is a distributor of sealing products, based in Hayward. They’ve been around for over 50 years, and their longevity is due to their ability to adapt their capabilities and product lines to serve their clients, through all the changes that have occurred in that time span. They have considerable technical knowledge when it comes to their products and how they fit their clients’ specific needs, but prefer to utilize 3rd party services for support for much of their IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

Operations Manager Merry Sedlak was concerned about the company’s network. Their IT provider insisted that everything was optimal, but the performance was not where Merry felt it should be. The company decided to bid out a network upgrade project. Their president had attended some events hosted by Clare Computer Solutions in the past, and suggested they be on the list of companies invited to provide a bid.

“Right away, Clare came off as a serious contender for this work”, said Merry. “They examined our current infrastructure, and were very professional and thorough. Clare was excellent at communicating their plans for us, and careful to set our expectations for the entire project. It was also obvious that they had a lot of project management experience, and could coordinate all the different steps involved.”

Bay Seal decided upon Clare Computer Solutions to do the project. “Theirs wasn’t the lowest bid”, said Merry. “But it offered the most value, given the attention to detail and their experience.”

The Solution

The network upgrade project for a distribution company has several phases, including network cabling, internet access connectivity and consolidating several servers into one physical server with several virtual servers. Bay Seal has a specific line-of-business application that they needed to preserve, so the migration from a physical server to a virtual server was a crucial one – that application needed to run properly in the virtual environment.

“Clare Computer Solutions shined when it came to working with the other vendors.” Merry said. “They really had their ducks in a row and made the process go smoothly. I know our ISP and software vendors appreciated working with such an experienced group of engineers.”

When it came time for the actual cut-over from the old servers to the new virtualized environment, Bay Seal was hoping the downtime could be limited to a single weekend, and minimize the impact on the business. As it turned out, the downtime during the cut-over was well under two hours.

The result of the project is, Bay Seal’s network is now ready to reliably meet their needs for the foreseeable future. In addition, the network architecture is scalable and will make it easy to add more capabilities as the Bay Area distribution company grows, well into its 2nd half century.

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