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Clare Computer Solutions assists consulting firm in IT frustration

Energy Consulting Firm Recieves Smooth Relocation  to Stay Productive

The Company

BKi is an energy efficiency consulting firm that creates innovative market-driven consulting solutions for energy, water, and transportation. They have offices in several cities, and had an opportunity to relocate their Southern California office to a more desirable space, but they needed to ensure their business operations would not be disrupted by the move.

The Challenge

BKi has been using Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) to manage their Information Technology infrastructure for several years, so it was a natural fit to ask CCS to help ensure the relocation of the IT infrastructure in the Southern California office.

CCS worked with the Senior Program Manager for BKi’s office in the region, Nancy Barba. The process began with advance planning meetings with BKi and CCS.  As with any move, there were multiple vendors involved (movers, telephony, internet providers, etc.) and plans were set to ensure the necessary communications services would be properly provisioned in time for the move.

CCS recommended upgrading the bandwidth for the data communications lines and upgrading the router and firewall to accommodate this change.

CCS also recommended the installation of a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that could handle data and image backups (both locally and into the cloud) and also provide the ability to rapidly virtualize the server if it were to fail for any reason, during the move or afterwards.

The Solution

CCS provided input with regards to communications line leads times, cabling specifications, and other coordination regarding the move project. CCS scheduled network engineers to be onsite for the move and also at the company’s headquarters to fully verify data communications were working properly after the move.

Since BKi is a NetCentral (Network Management) client for CCS, they had up-to-date documentation of the IT environment which enabled them to prepare to set things up at the new location on the required date.

On the day of the move, IT personnel supervised the orderly shutdown of the IT infrastructure, prior to the moving company boxing up the items for transport to the new location. The IT personnel remained available at the new site until everything was determined to be working correctly.

“Overall, the move went very smoothly”, said Barba. “CCS did a good job of coordinating all the different services involved and was very thorough in making sure everything was moved properly and operational in the new location.”

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