Clare Computer Solutions helps affordable housing company with business technology

Growing Not-for-Profit Organization SAHA Relies on Clare Computer Solutions as Their IT Department

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA) is a non-profit organization that provides quality homes and services that empower people and strengthen neighborhoods. They are in a continuous growth mode and their growth trajectory consists mainly of acquiring and building more properties and expanding services to its residents and surrounding communities.

SAHA simultaneously functions as a real estate developer, property owner/operator, housing provider and as a service provider. They are subject to multiple regulations by a number of entities on the federal, state and municipal level.

Given these challenges, SAHA was confident to enlist the IT consulting services of Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), starting back in 2012, when a merger of two organizations formed SAHA. It was necessary to create a plan to combine the IT infrastructures of both companies and CCS was chosen to oversee and manage this integration work.

Since the merger, Clare has been a key partner for SAHA, managing its overall IT systems and helping to plan future upgrades including new servers and data management systems.

“Clare Computer Solutions continues to do a bang-up job, helping SAHA to create a suitable plan for the organization’s IT out of so many moving parts,” said Tom Earley, SAHA’s Chief Operating Officer. “SAHA is unusual in that most of the staff works remotely, so making data and documents secure but easy to share is extremely important. All solutions must be transparent, and scalable.”

After CCS established their level of expertise on the initial merger project, Earley expanded the SAHA and Clare relationship beyond day to day systems management to strategic planning and implementation for SAHA’s data and hardware infrastructure. “I view Clare as our internal IT department, and an important part of the SAHA team”, he said.

Clare Computer Solutions is involved not only in the day-to-day operations, but they also participate in the strategic aspect as well in a CIO role. “Clare is involved in our strategic planning and works with our infrastructure specialist, discussing plans for upgrades and other improvements as we grow.”
Outsourcing the IT responsibilities fits Earley’s needs perfectly. “They’re perfectly transparent – I see every service ticket – but it’s really a no-brainer to let the experts handle the technology.” Earley is free to spend more time presiding over the other facets of SAHA’s operation. “We really do value the relationship with Clare Computer Solutions.”

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