Phishing Overtakes Hacking as Primary Source of Data Breaches

Ransomware has been getting a lot of press lately, and it’s easy to see why: the notion of some invisible cyber-criminal holding your data for ransom is disturbing. And the knowledge that a large percentage of ransomware is launched by regular network users is equally unsettling.

Identity theft and data breaches are also making big news, and many of those incidents began from an innocent email. According to a recent study conducted by Google, data breaches are now being enabled more often by phishing rather than by hackers.

Edge devices and anti-intrusion technologies have been growing in sophistication, whereas the average network user hasn't. Technology continues to advance, with new tools to combat phishing attempts by preventing delivery of emails that fit a profile for phishing emails, providing tools that prevent the unauthorized launching of applications, even pre-launch software in an isolated “blast container” environment to how it acts before it can be launched in the live production environment. This is very effective in preventing ransomware infection.

Another trend uncovered by the Google study showed cyber-criminals take information gathered by phishing to use on other platforms – because many people use the same password for multiple accounts. The data gained from one phishing response may be used by hackers or other cyber-criminals to gain illicit access to many different accounts. The danger in this is resistant to technological prevention - a password policy needs strong passwords but cannot verify if that password is used for accounts on several platforms.

This new information underscores the need to address data security in a comprehensive, multi-prong approach, from technical tools to network user training.

Clare Computer Solutions can help your company implement state-of-the-art technical defenses for your network (from routers to software to vulnerability scans), and provide training to educate your staff on best practices to protect their company and personal information from hackers, ransomware and other attacks by cyber-criminals.

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