CCS Partners with Local Oncology Office to Fight the Cold This Fall

As our team begins to celebrate the holidays, we are reminded of how grateful we are for having you as a partner. Your loyalty, support, and the opportunity you have given us to continue assisting with your business’ needs are greatly appreciated.

From all of us at Clare Computer Solutions, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

IMG_4351Giving Back to the Community
It comes with great pride to share with you, one of our latest accomplishment in partnership with Tri-Valley Oncology & Cancer Center, in Pleasanton, CA. Over the course of several months, we've begun collecting yarn donations from around the Bay Area. These scathes of yarn are used by the staff to teach patients how to knit scarfs and caps during their time in treatment. Over the last two years, Tri-Valley Oncology & Cancer Center has continued to aid the program themselves, but due to funding limits, the program began to dwindle.

Give Thanks
As the knitting needles were being unboxed, and the yarn was quickly being shuffled through, we reflected on the power of giving back this Thanksgiving and we would like to thank Tri-Valley Oncology & Cancer Center, and all of those who donated yarn and countless hours of time in facilitating such a large undertaking.

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