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What Can Businesses Do For Resiliency Against Cyber Threats in 2017

Looking at the cyber threat landscape for 2017, it doesn’t appear businesses will receive any relief from hackers, malware, or ransomware anytime soon. In fact, all these threats continue to grow in sophistication. What can you do to help your business gain resilience against cyber-attacks? Here are three things you can do to help Work With, Not…
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What’s New in the World of Ransomware

In the IT support world, ransomware was the big cyber-security story of 2016 and probably will be in 2017 as well. Why? It’s the first effective cyber-extortion tool. Previously malware has caused problems, enabling thefts of proprietary data and created launch platforms for other attacks and malware, but ransomware provides a way for cyber-criminals to…
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Will 2017 Be the Year of the Cloud for Your Business?

For years, we’ve heard how “the Cloud is coming”. How does the “cloud landscape” appear today, compared to when we first started hearing about it? It’s time to take another hard look at what “the Cloud” can do for your business The notion of a business getting rid of all its onsite IT infrastructure and putting everything…
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Choosing a Managed Service Provider Whose Goals Match Your Own

Picking the right managed service provider (MSP) to manage your business technology can can quickly become an overwhelming task for anybody. Rather than having repairs as needed, you're partnering with a company to assist you in assessing your current technology, building a scalable plan for growth, and responding in a timely fashion. What’s the difference? A fundamental difference…
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