Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 Tips for Safer Online Holiday Shopping

There’s no doubt that online shopping is convenient. Shoppers have access to an incredible selection of products and can easily comparison shop for the best quality and lowest prices. The online shopping experience is here to stay – the consumers have spoken! With the convenience comes some risks, however, and while they shouldn’t deter shoppers…
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Three IT Tips for a Successful Office Move

To move offices can be exciting – a chance to settle into new quarters and really get organized. But there’s a lot of anxiety, too. You don’t want to lose anything, and you certainly want to keep disruptions to the business to an absolute minimum. In the ideal moving scenario, everything from the old office would be…
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The Ugly Truth About Cycling-Out Aging Technology

The rate of change in technology has always been rapid, but now changes come faster than ever.  This can pose some challenges for companies. Technology goes from being brand new to being outdated in the wink of an eye! Sometimes, it seems the ink has barely dried on your purchase order for servers or software…
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Budget Tips to Prepare Your Business for Success in 2017

We all know the final two months of the year go by fast. Part of this is due to the hectic pace of modern business – especially when building a budget. But November and December, due to the holidays, have fewer actual work days than any other two month span. So, early November is a…
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