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Why YOU need a Strong Network Foundation to Support Emerging Tech

To take advantage of any opportunities in "Internet of Things (IoT)" and "Artificial Intelligence, (AI)" you must invest in robust wireless networks and with fast connections to any cloud applications. If you were building a house, you wouldn’t start with the windows. You would start by building a strong foundation. By laying the groundwork for future innovation, many…
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How Simple IT Fixes, Could Save Your Business Millions

Opportunity makes the cybercriminal – and online travel giant Orbitz disclosed Monday, March 18th, that hackers gained access to one of its "older platforms." Upon gaining access, the hackers now have such data as credit card numbers, street addresses, legal names, and more. While not to the scale of an Equifax or Yahoo! breach, many…
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The Benefits of Using Assessments like Azure HealthCheck

Assess physical and virtual infrastructure, provide in-depth reporting, make informed decisions on costs, and plan smooth cloud migrations. Expand your efficiency and effectiveness around the fastest-growing cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. It can be hard to know where to begin the conversation— especially if your organization doesn’t have deep experience in infrastructure. Thorough Reporting Our pre-migration…
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What Does a Messy Desk and IT Security Flaws Have in Common?

Click Here to See a Larger Version of the Image Many businesses today don't enforce digital, let alone, physical information security. As their Managed Service Provider (MSP), our job is to educate clients on the industry's best practices.It’s time to put your knowledge to the test, can you find the six security flaws hidden in…
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Clare Computer Solutions Recognized for Excellence in Managed Service

Clare Computer Solutions is excited to announce,, a brand of the Channel Company, has named Clare Computer Solutions to its "2018 Managed Service Provider(MSP) 500 list." More specifically, we qualified 49th for the MSP Pioneer 250. Of the +500 submissions, our managed service program, Netcentral, provided some of the best response times, and customer…
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