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Clare Computer Solutions Recognized for Excellence in Managed Service

Clare Computer Solutions is excited to announce,, a brand of the Channel Company, has named Clare Computer Solutions to its "2018 Managed Service Provider(MSP) 500 list." More specifically, we qualified 49th for the MSP Pioneer 250. Of the +500 submissions, our managed service program, Netcentral, provided some of the best response times, and customer…
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How Hybrid Cloud Computing Has Taken the Market by Storm

If you’re still viewing the hybrid cloud as something outside of your IT strategy, or adoption plan, it’s time to change your thinking. In a recent study conducted by Cisco, and several other partners. The report uncovered, of the IT departments surveyed, 65% hope to prioritize the cloud as we begin 2018. This was a…
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Multi-Factor Authentication: Locking down Your Business Data from Hackers

Logging into systems has been common for information workers for decades. The idea was, only you would know your login and password, and this would keep your information safe. The company data you’re protecting is more important than ever, and the tools cyber-criminals employ to get access to your data are growing in sophistication - making…
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File Sharing: 4 Reasons You Don’t Use Consumer Grade

As the digital transformation begins to gain traction in the market for business technology. File sharing continues to lead many to a more efficient work path. Starting with file sharing through iCloud, and Google cloud. Followed by the Dropbox adoption, and now into Slack's interface, using drag and drop mechanics, with little permissions around sharing or asset management. File…
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Use Managed Services to Expand IT Support for Your Company

If your business is doing well, then it’s growing. Growth is desirable, but it presents some challenges that must be addressed for your company to fully realize the benefits of that growth. One challenge is increasing the IT support to serve the needs of an expanded infrastructure and workforce. That is where a Managed Services…
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