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Hybrid Infrastructure Trends Towards “Everything-as-a-Service”

For years, Information Technology (IT) focused on physical platforms – the computers and the software that ran on them. IT costs were capital expenditures that purchased these products initially, and as they reached the end of their lifespans, more capital expenditures were incurred to replace them. This was the normal way to do business and…
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Have You Completed These Malware Survival Tasks?

Ransomware shows no signs of slowing down. Attacks continue to grow, both in sheer numbers and in sophistication, as the IT world struggles to catch up. Despite the frightening statistics, and scary stories, there are some things you can do to lessen the likelihood of malware attack or limiting the damage. Tighten Everything Up At the…
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Three Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Office 365

Six years ago Microsoft adapted their enormously popular Office productivity suite to meet the needs of an always connected, mobile workforce. Not only has Office 365 become the standard in enabling and increasing business productivity, but Microsoft continues to add applications to the Office 365 suites to build even greater value at a low monthly cost.…
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Three Most Common Network Security Failure Points for Businesses

Network security continues to be at the forefront of Bay Area businesses. The threats posed to an Information Technology (IT) network are well known – there’s a new story daily of malware or hackers tampering with or destroying data. Most companies make an effort to prevent such attacks on their IT infrastructure, but many, if…
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A Cloud Based IT Infrastructure Must Be Managed

Cloud based computing carries a lot of promise for many Bay Area business owners. However, it’s still an IT infrastructure, and must be managed to deliver all the desired benefits to your business. Most businesses, so far, are adopting a hybrid approach to the cloud, moving some assets to the cloud while maintaining other assets in the local data…
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