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A Cloud Based IT Infrastructure Must Be Managed

Cloud based computing carries a lot of promise for many Bay Area business owners. However, it’s still an IT infrastructure, and must be managed to deliver all the desired benefits to your business. Most businesses, so far, are adopting a hybrid approach to the cloud, moving some assets to the cloud while maintaining other assets in the local data…
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NetCentral Support Center – Much More Than a Helpdesk

For many network users, their primary interaction with IT support is through a user “helpdesk.” Whether it’s in-house support staff or through a third party provider, a support center is imperative to the relationship between client and support. NetCentral support provides our clients with seamless support from our in-house support center (San Ramon, CA) that…
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Petya Ransomware: Everything You Need To Know

If you had any doubts about the threat of cybercrime... it appears another global ransomware attack has started. If your company does any international business, you could be next. Spread through email, infected websites, and Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), “Petya”  ransomware has the potential to become as debilitating as "WannaCry", and has affected…
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Should IT Support be Outsourced, on Staff, or Both?

Companies need their technology tools to perform their business operations every day. As a result, they have IT infrastructures that must have support. Users need help, network devices must be managed, and everything has to work together. What’s the best way to handle this? Some companies have internal IT employees whose sole responsibility is keeping those…
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How Well Do You Know Your IT Infrastructure?

Businesses today rely on technological tools to operate. These tools handle sales processes, payroll, accounting, manufacturing, planning, communication, customer relations, and more. It’s likely your company absolutely depends on its IT infrastructure to conduct day-to-day business, including strategic development and planning. What you should be asking yourself: - Is there someone in your company that knows…
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