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11/18/2015 - Does Your Organization Have A System That Tells You When Your Technology Expires?

With 2016 just around the corner, this is a good time to identify and resolve issues around expiring and aging systems and software....

11/18/2015 - 7 Tips If You Are Planning an Office Move in 2016

Many companies are planning moves for 2016 and the technology portion is often the most complex part of the relocation. Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) would like to change that...

11/17/2015 - Your Organization CAN Get The Technology It Needs To Grow

We know that technology helps businesses grow faster than companies without it. So how can your company become a technology leader and innovator even if you have budgetary issues and challenges?...

10/13/2015 - CCS Offers Complimentary Technology Budgeting Consultation Sessions to Bay Area Companies

CCS is offering a complimentary one hour IT budgeting session for Bay Area companies...

10/1/2015 - Clare Computer Hosts FREE Webinar: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Tactics & Technologies October 22nd

Without a workable Business Continuity plan, any one of a number of disasters (big or small) can destroy a business. The following will be covered in this webinar event...

9/28/2015 - Technology Budgeting For Healthcare and Medical Offices Is Essential: 3 Tips To Get Started

October is an excellent time to get started on a 2016 budget for the coming year, but healthcare practices need to address and include their technology needs as well...

9/14/2015 - Is Your Company Spending Too Much Time Managing Technology Vendors? A Qualified MSP Can Help.

Having an MSP handle vendor management is just another way for an IT support provider to leverage their experience to add value to your organization....

9/11/2015 - Why Your Company May Need a Virtual CIO

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) provides CIO-level services closing the loop to encompass tactical AND strategic support for your company’s IT Infrastructure.

8/25/2015 - CCS’ (MSP) NetCentral: The Heart of Great IT Support – 1 Hour Response Time

Consistently excellent service from a provider requires an organization with a tightly controlled set of processes to achieve their goals. And the process should constantly be monitored and measured – in real time and in periodic reviews.....

7/31/2015 - Is NetCentral CCS’ Managed Service Program (MSP) Right For Your Organization?

CCS has been measuring the success and response time of its Managed Service Program (MSP) NetCentral and the results of the testing and metrics have surprised even the executive management team....

7/16/2015 - Which to Deploy For Your Company: Office 365 or Google For Business?

“We want to help our clients to be as knowledgeable as they can about the tools they will be working with. Some of the technology choices they make today will impact their business productivity for years to come”...

7/15/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Hosts Cloud Webinar Event: 2015 Will Be a Big Decision Year For The Cloud

Learn more at this webinar event hosted by Clare Computer Solutions (CCS). Assess your company’s readiness for the Cloud ...

5/7/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Celebrates 25 Years in IT Consulting, Managed Services & Network Support

Clare Computer Solutions celebrates its 25th anniversary in business...

5/4/2015 - Penton Technology Names Clare Computer Solutions to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) has appeared on Penton Technology’s eighth-annual MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, a distinguished list and report identifying the world’s top 501 managed service providers ....

5/4/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Releases eBook: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Clare Computer Solutions has just published an eBook ‘Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity What Every CEO Needs to Know,’ which highlights the IT challenges that are facing businesses in 2015..

5/4/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Hosts Lunch Event: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Tactics and Technologies

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), a professional services firm providing IT solutions for companies in the San Francisco Bay area since 1990, is hosting a FREE Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Tactics & Technologies Lunch ‘n’ Learn event in San Ramon on May 21st....

4/6/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Hosts Cloud Event: 2015 Will Be a Big Decision Year For The Cloud

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), a professional services firm providing IT solutions for companies in the San Francisco Bay area since 1990, is hosting an executive Lunch ‘n Learn event in Livermore on April 22nd: “2015 Will Be a Big Decision Year For the Cloud.” ...

3/10/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Releases eBook: "Technology and The Modern Office"

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS)has just published an eBook ‘Technology and The Modern Office,’ which highlights the technology challenges that are facing businesses in 2015...

3/10/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Hosts FREE Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Tactics and Technologies Events

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS)is hosting a FREE Executive Lunch ’n’ Learn event March 26, 2015 in Walnut Creek...

2/18/2015 - Clare Computer Solutions Announces Technology Knowledge Event Series For 2015’s Modern Office

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), has just announced their 2015 Technology Knowledge Learning Events for 2015...

2/17/2015 - Microsoft Server 2003 Ends Support in 2015, Bringing Opportunity For Technology Transformation To Companies

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), recommends that companies with Microsoft Server 2003 take note that on July 14, 2015 there will be no further Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003/R2.

2/15/2015 - 2015 Is a Big Technology Decision Year For Companies: Microsoft 365 and Cloud Options

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), recommends that companies recommends that companies consider reviewing new technology choices available to make their IT departments run more efficiently and leverage cost savings...

11/7/2014 - On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid and MSP Solutions: 2015 Will Be a Key Decision Year For Many Companies and IT Departments

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), helps companies examine options for the cloud, on premise and hybrid solutions and management of their IT...

9/22/2014 - Clare Computer Solutions Named to CRN Fast Growth 150 List

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), announced today that it has been named to the CRN Fast Growth 150 list. The Fast Growth 150 list recognizes those solution providers that have been the fastest growing over a two-year period...

7/15/2014 - Clare Computer Solutions' Employee Retention Way Above National Average

Clare Computer Solutions' staff tenure averages 8.8 years with the company, and 20 years in the IT sector. This represents nearly double the national average...

6/11/2014 - Clare Computer Solutions Launches Next Generation NetCentral Services

Clare Computer Solutions is launching its Next Generation Managed Service Provider Solution, NetCentral.

1/9/2014 - Clare Computer Solutions Provides Four Reasons Why Businesses Need to Develop a Windows XP Migration Plan Now

Clare Computer Solutions is advising businesses to develop a plan to migrate from XP to Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft will no longer support the Windows XP operating system (OS) after April 8, 2014. ...

4/21/2013 - Clare Computer Solutions announces that it has added Datto SIRIS as part of its business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

Clare Computer Solutions announces that it has added Datto SIRIS as part of its business continuity and disaster recovery solution.. ...

6/25/2013 - Clare Computer Solutions, Announces Strong Growth Results for Fiscal Year 2013

Clare Computer Solutions announces that the company's revenue growth for its 2013 fiscal year exceeded 20 percent...

4/17/2013 - Clare Computer Solutions, Provides Three Questions to Determine Data Storage Needs

Clare Computer Solutions recommends that businesses ask the following three questions to find the long-term data storage solution that’s right for their business..

1/15/2013 - Clare Computer Solutions, Announces New Majority Stockholders

Clare Computer Solutions announces that CEO Brad Mendonsa and President & COO, Ralph Lawhorn, have become the majority stockholders and architects of the company’s future.

10/3/2012 - Clare Computer Solutions Offers Tips For a Well-Planned Office IT Infrastructure Move That Will Minimize Business Downtime

When planning an office move or expansion, one area that requires extensive attention to detail is the company's Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

5/29/2012 - Clare Computer Solutions Marks 22 Years in Business

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), marked its 22nd anniversary on May 1, 2012.

4/20/2012 - Clare Computer Solutions Names Jim Bender as Business Development Specialist

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) announces it has named Jim Bender as Business Development Specialist.

2/23/2012 - Clare Computer Solutions to Hold Seminar Series on Cloud Computing for Business

Clare Computer Solutions is announcing a series of seminars for businesses on the subject of Cloud Computing.

1/9/2012 – Clare Computer Solutions Launches New Website Reflecting Company’s Ability to Provide Specialized IT Support and Consulting

Clare Computer Solutions announces the launch of its redesigned website,

12/1/2011 – Clare Computer Solutions Recommends Creating A Cloud Computing Strategy To Meet Business Needs.

Businesses that are hazy on cloud computing, are more likely to get better results by working with a knowledgeable IT professional who can develop a clear approach and strategy.  

06/20/2011 – Clare Computer Solutions Becomes Allworx Vendor Partner Providing Businesses with VoIP Solutions.

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), announces it is broadening its capabilities with the addition of vendor partner, Allworx, an Internet Protocol-based (IP) phone system. 

03/25/2011 – New Leadership for Clare Computer Solutions, a Leading San Francisco Bay Area IT Service Provider

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS), a San Francisco Bay area business technology service provider offering computer network support, IT consulting and on-demand IT services to businesses, announces that Brad Mendonsa will become the company’s new chief executive officer, and CCS President Ralph Lawhorn will become the company’s chief operating officer.

07/14/2010 – Clare Computer Solutions Receives 2010 Best of San Ramon Award

Clare Computer Solutions has been selected for the 2010 Best of San Ramon Award in the Computer Integrated Systems Design category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

6/30/2010 – Clare Computer Solutions Expands NetCentral HelpDesk Capacity

Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) increased HelpDesk personnel capacity by over 20% for NetCentral clients.

3/30/2010 – Clare Computer Solutions Helps Kenworth Save Money and Energy

Norcal Kenworth, working with Clare Computer Solutions, implements power management technology reducing carbon footprint, and saving money. Combination of energy savings and utility rebates creates ROI ‘Out of the Box’.