IT Services

Business Technology Services

Business owners have enough to worry about to keep their companies running smoothly.  Clare Computer Solutions’ IT and business services help leverage technology so your business will run even better! 

Strategic IT Planning – Your company should have strategic IT planning built into your business plan.  We can help you plot a technology roadmap to reach your short and long-term growth goals.

IT Equipment – The investment your company makes with regard to the hardware for your IT infrastructure is critical and needs to be consistent with your company goals.

IT Storage – Your company’s data is the lifeblood of your business.  Access to your data needs to be fast and reliable, and it must be protected in accordance with industry best standards.

Networks – How can you ensure your entire network’s reliability, performance and security meets your needs? 

Communication – Whether it’s data communication or voice communication, or both, fast reliable connections are vital.

Disaster Recovery – IT disasters come in all sizes, from a crashed server to floods, fire or earthquake.   Can your business recover quickly enough?

Cloud Computing – Is it time for your business to utilize cloud computing?  Clare Computer Solutions can help you make the right decisions for your business needs.

Security – Threats to your company’s network come from a variety of places, both internally and externally. 


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