Disaster Recovery

Make Your Business Disaster-Resistant

IT disasters come in many forms – large and small.  Businesses can protect themselves against catastrophes by having systems in place to quickly allow them to resume business after unexpected interruptions.

This video outlines 4 steps towards creating an effective Business Continuity Plan


Your IT disaster recovery plan will need to encompass:

  • robust protection for your company data
  • quick access to the data
  • plans for conducting business via remote means or a temporary location
  • regular testing of data backups and business continuity systems
  • periodic reviews and updates of your DR plan

Every company has different needs with regards to Disaster Recovery, depending on the nature of their business.  The DR plan will reflect those needs.  Some small companies can tolerate being down for a few days if something takes their facility offline. 

Other companies need to be up and running within hours regardless of the scope of the event, to the point where they require a stand-by replacement office to be set up (complete with up-to-date mirror of their network) within a few hours' drive from their main facility.

Clare Computer Solutions has helped many companies devise, implement and maintain their IT Disaster Recovery Plans.  Our expert experience will allow us to devise a plan that fits your needs exactly.

Assess your business' disaster recovery plan with our Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment.


A disaster plan is absolutely critical for your company, and along with the plan is a robust infrastructure for recovering from a catastrophic or minor data loss. So, there are two tiered necessities: a plan and a structure that executes perfectly with that plan. Very few pieces of your company are as important as being ready for an IT disaster. Going suddenly offline or losing structural and individual data records will affect your customers or clients immediately. Lacking a plan (and the recovery structure) means lost business and profit for the time it takes to get back to normal. Missing business should be one of any manager’s worst nightmares. With no recovery plan, it can be a long, frustrating wait while your structure and records are being recreated. IT data disaster recovery in Hayward, Fremont, Oakland, San Ramon (all East Bay towns): our extreme knowledge and expertise is built on 20+ years of real-case experience, research and build out. We’ve helped dozens of small to mid-size companies in the Bay Area create and evolve plans customized to their size and budget.

IT disaster recovery plan and planning for Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, San Ramon, (all east Bay locales)—our packages give you the freedom to focus on your business performance without worry over IT catastrophes. Such events can and do happen (there is no predicting them), and you’ll be perfectly ready with our staff’s specific back-to-work knowledge of your systems and the customized recovery plan for all your staying-in-business needs. Business continuity in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, San Ramon companies—what does this mean? It means an unbroken continuity in delivering your products or services to clients and customers. Clare Computer is the East Bay’s leading consultant for business continuity. Call us today to start a discussion on your business’s recovery plan. Serving the greater Bay Area and across northern California as well.