Disaster Recovery

Don't Let a Disaster Put You Out of Business

Your Data is Irreplaceable

Disasters happen. They can be caused by a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood. Or they can come from a virus or equipment failure. No matter what the cause, your data is irreplaceable and needs protection.

Your business depends on your data. Choosing NetCentral's Disaster Recovery/Data Backup service provides complete protection for your network and your data. The service uses a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that:

  • Stores local disk-to-disk data backups
  • Sends long term backups to a remote secure site, and
  • Acts as a server should any of your servers go down
  • Can do bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware

We can design the best plan to fit your business - your data is protected, restores are easy and fast, and you have protection against a crashed server!


A disaster recovery plan is just part of an overall business continuity (BC) plan - designed to get your business back up and running quickly after a disaster - learn more about creating a BC plan for your company here.

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