Data Security

Data Security is Essential for Business

Your company’s data is your most valuable asset.   Lose it, and you would likely lose your business.

There is no one service that can ensure your data’s integrity and security – it takes an ongoing, organized process to protect and keep your data secure.  Here are some of the more important parts of that process:

A business that incorporates these industry-best practices into their overall business strategy will be positioned to keep its most valuable asset -  its data – intact.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Trend

The trend towards "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) provides opportunities for workers to be more productive than ever, but it also presents considerable challenges to business trying to control supports costs and network security.

We can help your company devise, implement and enforce a BYOD policy to keep your network secure and support costs under control

Security is a Process, Not a Project

The sources for security breaches have increased exponentially over the past few years - long gone are the days when a firewall and some anti-virus software on user machines were enough.   Malware and hackers have become much more sophisticated, and it takes a comprehensive approach to keep pace with all the attack vectors.

At Clare Computer Solutions, we know how to implement the processes and policies that protect your business today, and allow for regular reviews, updates and improvements to ensure your business stays protected.