Data Backup / DR

Don't Let a Disaster Put You Out of Business

Your Data is Irreplaceable

Disasters happen. They can be caused by a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood. Or they can come from a virus or equipment failure. No matter what the cause, your data is irreplaceable and needs protection.

NetCentral Business Continuity Service:

NetCentral Business Continuity Service protects your IT network and your data by combining Proactive Network Support with Data Protection

Your business depends on your data. Choosing NetCentral Business Continuity Service provides complete protection for your network and your data. NetCentral Business Continuity Service uses a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that:

  • Stores local disk-to-disk data backups
  • Sends long term backups to a remote secure site, and
  • Acts as a server should any of your servers go down
  • Can do Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware

We can design the best plan to fit your business - your data is protected, restores are easy and fast, and you have protection against a crashed server!

View a demo of how this NAS can become a virtual server 

Network Perimeter Scanning

Clare Computer Solutions can scan your network from the ouside to uncover potential vulnerabilities.  The cost for this service depends upon the number of scannable IP addresses that are "visible" from outside the network.

We include this service for free as an annual benefit for customers under network support contracts.  What a perimeter scan can find could save your company a great deal of money and trouble!

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Data backup recovery in Hayward, Fremont, Oakland (all east Bay towns): our back up services use the most current strategies and technologies for maintaining your company’s data. This means you’re back up and running as soon as possible, no questions or worries. Clare is recognized as the leader in backup services in the Bay Area. We’ve been backing up dozens of small to mid-size clients for over 20 years.Our clients completely rely on our expertise in data loss recovery from either a small drop to a disastrous catastrophes.

Covering local and remote backups, along with backup server service, no other information technology firm offers the extreme depth of our protection packages. And we are affordable, with competitive package rates. Fremont, Hayward, Oakland online back up protection—call us today to start an overview talk. We service the entire east Bay, the greater Bay Area and across northern California.