Cloud Computing

Is the Cloud Right for Your Business?

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. But is it right for your business? Like a lot of new tech terms, it’s used rather loosely. Clare Computer Solutions can help you cut through the hype to determine which aspects of your operation would be best served by cloud computing. Used properly, cloud computing for your business can add efficiencies and agility to your operations!

Our consultants will help you devise a strategy for utilizing cloud-computing and cloud-based applications to enable you to deploy technologies more quickly, make your business more resistant to technical problems and improve your cashflow – all of which provide your business an advantage in your market.

Cloud Computing Comes in Various Forms

Local Cloud

With this deployment, we will deploy and manage an IT infrastructure at your facility. Your only costs would be the monthly charges for the service, which will include every part of the infrastruture. No equipment or software to buy - no capital outlay at all. We own the equipment, the software and the responsibility of ensuring it's all working to your satisfaction.

Remote Cloud

In this scenario, we provide the infrastructure again, only it will physically reside at our data center. It could be a machine dedicated to your company, or you could have a virtual machine on a V-Server along with others - the choice is up to you. Again, no capital expenditure - just a monthly charge that covers everything.

Hybrid Cloud

Many companies find they get into cloud computing in stages, depending on their needs and a number of other factors. We have the flexibility to provide infrastructure that co-exists on your premise with your existing infrastructure, or you may want to locate a server you own at our data center, or maybe a WAN that consists of equipment on your premise AND equipment at a data center.

How Do You Choose?

The variety and flexibility of available solutions can be daunting. The smart thing to do is have Clare Computer Solutions meet with you and perform a Cloud Feasibility Assessment. This way, we can provide expert advice, based upon your unique business!


Cloud computing services Hayward, Fremont, Oakland, San Ramon: we are the leader in creating and consulting for all IT areas in the east Bay area (servicing all east bay locales). Cloud technology dramatically boosts vital areas of your company’s IT functionality and delivery speed. Going cloud enables an improvement in your ROI, profit and growth. However, utilizing cloud requires a team with extreme experience in the cloud computing field. It also requires a team which will make an honest assessment of whether or not your company gains from cloud. If yes, we discuss with you how to most cost effectively implement this technology for your company.

For Hayward, Fremont, Oakland, San Ramon cloud computing solutions no other information technology firm meets our extreme expertise in knowledge and building. Cloud services from Clare Computer Solutions fully integrates your business performance (as experienced by your customers or clients) with improvement, cost effectiveness, and stability. We’ve offered leading expertise in IT systems and consulting to the entire East Bay since 1990. Also serving the greater Bay Area and northern California.