Clare Computer Provides Data Storage Solution for Architectural Firm MBH

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The Company

MBH is an architectural firm based in Alameda, California..  Founded in 1989, its vision is to provide an MBH Logointegrated approach to design that is economically feasible and environmentally and socially responsible.   MBH’s clients are found literally all over the world, including some of the biggest restaurant, hotel and retail brands.

The Challenge

Architectural projects require detailed drawings and renderings, and in the digital world, this means big files, and lots of them.  Data storage is crucial, and its needs are growing exponentially.  Gerald McDaniel, MBH’s IT Director, was seeing the amount of data on the firm’s data servers literally doubling every few days, and begging busy architects to archive the files they weren’t using was a difficult sell and not a long term solution.

McDaniel looked at many IT firms to aid in implementing a scalable, long term data storage solution, and selected Clare Computer Solutions (CCS) for the project.

“It was an easy decision”, says McDaniel. “First, I was familiar with them – we’ve been using Clare Computer to help support our company’s IT infrastructure for quite a few years.  In addition, they have a great deal of experience with Hewlett Packard environments, which is our platform – the solution needed to be compatible with our existing network.”

The Solution

The project required some consulting to select the Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration that would meet MBH’s current needs, and scale up as the firm continues to grow.   The equipment and software were procured, and the installation began.  Since there could be no network downtime, the new system was set up to run parallel to the production environment for two weeks, to ensure everything was working correctly.

The solution included an HP SAN configured with sixty 2TB SAS hot-pluggable hard drives, a 10GB switch and a 48 slot LTO5 tape library – creating a scalable storage environment with high speed access and 120TB of storage that would serve MBH’s needs for years.

“From first discussion to the end of testing the new SAN was only a couple of months”, Gerald McDaniel says. “I was very pleased with the outcome.  Clare Computer listened to my needs, stayed within the budget and delivered the solution in a timely manner!”