Why Not Rent a Chief Technology Officer To Handle IT Infrastructure

Sometimes, a business needs some high level expertise for which it wouldn’t normally have staffing.  This is not an unusual situation — many small to medium size businesses outsource their Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits services.  Most firms don’t employ an attorney, either.    The same principles can apply to your company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and network support.

It isn’t cost-effective to have an IT staff that is qualified to handle every possible technological contingency.  There are day-to-day needs, and it may be desirable to have a staff to handle those duties.   But when it comes to higher level technology deployments, projects, strategizing and planning, it makes sense to employ a firm that can provide the experience and skill-sets that will serve the company’s needs best, and perform functions that larger enterprises entrust to a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or a Chief Information Officer (CIO).

A CTO or CIO handles IT and network support, and is also trained to view technology in a business context.  They can provide an organized plan and budget for implementing technologies, based upon the company’s immediate needs, but also with an eye to the company’s future needs.  They can provide project management perspective and ensure that a major deployment is done in phases, to ensure adequate testing of each step and avoid disruptions to the business during the process.

At the end of the deployment, the CTO or CIO will also ensure that the staff is trained on the newly deployed technologies, and provide documentation that will be useful immediately, as a reference tool, and months or years down the road, when the technology needs to be refreshed.    In addition, a maintenance plan, that can include a preventative maintenance schedule,  needs to be in place to ensure that all facets of the IT infrastructure is kept up to date and properly monitored for signs of trouble – before they can affect productivity.

These methodologies are industry best practices for larger companies – now smaller companies can avail themselves of this level of expertise – without having to increase staff to do so!

Clare Computer Solutions provides experience, expert CTO/CIO level services for clients of all sizes.  Why should only big corporations benefit from a CTO or a CIO?

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