Virtualization Saves Time and Money for Businesses

As you gaze upon your company’s aging collection of servers, you dread the time when you’ll have to replace them. You remember the hassles you went through when you first put them in. Endless discussions about specifications, project management, installation, testing – it was a real headache.

Good news – for this next time around, the process could be a LOT easier, and when it’s done, your company will be saving time, energy and money – through virtualization!

Simply put, virtualization allows several servers to reside on a single host machine. All of each server’s needs with regards to CPU, memory, network interfaces, and so forth are allocated to virtual machines within the host.

Why is this better? Let us count the ways:

  • Energy savings: Yes, your host machine(s) will be more powerful machines than any of your current servers, but the host(s) will still require less electricity, and less cooling, than your current farm of servers.
  • Space savings: Fewer servers require less space, which frees up more space at your facility for more production.
  • Better performance: Each important application you use can run on its own virtual server, thus eliminating problems caused by apps sharing the same server environment.
  • Multiple operating systems: Each virtual server in the host can run the OS that is best for the application that will run on it
  • Easier management: If you want a new server, you just create a virtual machine on the host machine in minutes and allocate the appropriate resources to it. You (or your IT provider) can manage ALL your virtual machines from a single management console.
  • Faster deployment: Server profiles can be templatized for very rapid deployment of new virtual servers – a huge benefit when recovering from a server crash. It’s even possible to move a virtual server intact from one host machine to another.

These are just some of the benefits from server virtualization – desktop virtualization is also a reality. Imagine setting up a PC for a new worker within minutes. Or if a user has a virus infection on their machine, you can wipe it out and redeploy the machine from an image that predates the infection!

It just goes to show what was once science fiction is now commonplace! You can (and should) utilize virtualization technology to make your business more efficient, profitable and green. Clare Computer Solutions can show you how!

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