Vendor Management Solves Problems, Saves Money

Most business rely on services provided by a number of vendors. Electricity comes from one place, internet access from another, phone services from another, computer and network support from another, and so on. As a result, most businesses need to maintain a relationship with a variety of vendors.

Unfortunately, vendors aren’t always easy to work with and sometimes, they have difficulty working together, which may be necessary in some situations. For example, getting reliable technical support in a situation where internet access is provided by one vendor, but the connection from the phone company’s central office to your premises is provided by another, can be a nightmare. Each vendor’s technical support will insist the problem is caused by the other vendor, and the business owner is stuck in the middle.

Similar issues arise when trying to purchase technical equipment that has numerous configuration permutations. Vendors will often consider their own best interests when helping their customers decide which products to buy, and if the customer is not experienced in the intricacies of configuring technical products, they run the risk of buying too much or not enough capabilities to suit their needs.

IT Consultants can bridge this gap on behalf of the business consumer. Their best interests are perfectly aligned with the buyer’s. Since they will be responsible for installing the technologies and services, they are motivated to provide advice on the best solution with regards to the clients’ needs now, and into the future. They also have the experience to anticipate issues with regards to interoperability and scalability.

In addition, the IT Consultants can manage the client’s relationship with vendors, and act a liaison when dealing with support issues. Having a technical person on the support line to your vendors can save hours of maddening phone calls and needless finger-pointing. They will keep the support process on track to reach a speedy and successful conclusion. Vendors, too, prefer to work with consultants who have a good technical knowledge of the client’s infrastructure and deployed technologies.

Purchasing technology and services for business is not a casual pursuit. It is a strategic investment, and these purchasing decisions need to be made with the company’s goals in mind. With the technical advice of an IT Consultant, multiple vendors’ products and services can be purchased, integrated and supported to ensure the best return on the investment.

Clare Computer Solutions has over 20 years’ experience helping clients make the most of their investment in IT products and services.

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