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About Our Disaster Recovery Services

“It was time to address replacing aging equipment and I felt the data backup scheme in place then was not adequate. CCS was instrumental in designing the project – they basically held my hand through the process. Over the course of two years, we completely upgraded everything, and it was a smooth and seamless transition. I view this as a true collaboration.”

Christina S.Firm ManagerBKS Legal

“Our Disaster Recovery has become a vital part of our infrastructure now. It’s an elegant solution that serves in the daily backing of data and storage-images and being at the ready, in short notice, to virtualize a down server or restore data.”

Sylvie J.Director of TechnologyT Distribution Co.

“One incident, in particular, illustrates the value of the level of coverage provided by NetCentral: On a day when payroll was due to be processed for all the restaurant locations, the server that handles payroll crashed with a serious hardware failure.”

Paul L.Chief Financial OfficerGGB