Time to Migrate: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Has Retired

Did you know that Windows Server 2003 extended support ended on July 14, 2015? What does that mean for businesses like yours? SQL Server 2005 “extended support” has officially ended on April 12, 2017.

Utilizing “out-of-support” versions of server software could lead to some serious issues. This unsupported software no longer receives vital security updates, which leaves your system vulnerable to malware or hackers.

Designed to improve upon each previous version, later versions of software are faster, and more efficient than ever. If you’re not running Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2016 yet, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Take advantage of these groundbreaking improvements in performance.

With the recent release of SQL Server 2016, now might be the perfect time to design a migration plan. We can help migrate your applications and workloads which rely on Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 or 2008 to Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2016 or Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

You owe it to your business to run up-to-date, fully supported software.

Clare Computer Solutions would like to help plan your transition. Updating your software will help provide you with the security and reliability you need. The added value of the features now included in SQL Server 2016 will streamline processes. Before migrating, consider these cloud options. You’ll have the opportunity to migrate to the cloud with Azure SQL Database or to install a hybrid cloud with SQL Server 2016 and Azure.

Updating IT infrastructure is something many companies would like to avoid. But technology moves at too rapid of a pace to put off upgrades and updates that can bring real benefits to your business.


Clare Computer Solutions can help – contact us to start the conversation.

IT Projects That Will Transform Business

With so many options to improve your IT infrastructure, do you know which may have the biggest impact on your business? Have you been putting off IT projects because they are too complex or you don’t know where to begin?

There are some projects that can have such a positive effect on your business, they are well worth considering and this may be the perfect time to do them. Here are 3 projects that can transform your business and provide benefits for months, or years to come.

Adopt Virtualization in the IT Infrastructure

As the servers in your network reach the end of their useful lifespans, they could be replaced by virtual machines. Virtualization has a number of benefits, including: reduced energy costs (fewer physical servers use less air conditioning and electricity), better business agility (new virtual machines can be quickly deployed as needed), better disaster recovery (quicker restoration of a crashed server) and reduced management costs.

Utilize Cloud Services

Not everything works in the cloud, but certain workloads lend themselves very well to cloud computing, and in these areas, the benefits (lower management costs, capacity on demand as needed, greater mobility, improved business continuity capabilities) are very real.

Institute a Business Continuity Plan

Technology today can enable your business to have an affordable, and workable plan to get your business up and running remarkably quickly after even a major disaster. The technologies mentioned above (virtualization and cloud services) can be used to make your business resilient to a wide variety of events that, just a few years ago, could have threatened the survival of the business.

The secret to the success of any IT project is to have expert IT project management skills. If your business doesn’t staff that skill set, use an IT consulting firm like Clare Computer Solutions, that can manage your IT projects and ensure that the projects are well-planned, executed on time and on budget. The benefits to having an effective and organized approach to your long term IT infrastructure starts with a simple discussion about your business and your plans and goals. Contact us today to get started!

Watch this video to learn more!

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When Is The Right Time for Cloud Services?

Cloud computing has been around for several years, and the adoption of cloud service for business continues to ramp up. How will you know when it’s time for your business to consider the cloud for your IT workloads? Here are some circumstances that might make you consider a switch.

Increasing Mobile Workforce

The mobility revolution continues to trend upwards. What does this mean for you? Workers can now become more productive, using a variety of devices, from anywhere in the world. Bandwidth demands, from a larger workforce accessing your infrastructure may get to a point where performance is impacted by limited bandwidth. This is where it makes sense to have at least part of your IT infrastructure in the cloud (hybrid).

Aging out of On-Premises Equipment

It’s hard to justify moving workloads to the cloud when on-premises equipment is still in good working order. As on-premises equipment reaches its end of life however, many companies leverage this opportunity to initiate deploying some workloads in the cloud as a test of the environment. Many financial and legal firms look to the cloud to store several years of data (for compliance reasons).

Company Growth – Especially New Offices

If a company is in an aggressive growth cycle, or expects to be, cloud-based infrastructure can provide scalable solutions that remain unparalleled. This could eliminate the need to replace or upgrade on-premise infrastructure if the company begins outpacing the capabilities of current infrastructure.

Any decision regarding your infrastructure needs to be made with careful consideration and appropriate research. Clare Computer Solutions can assess your company’s desires and formulate a strategy that fits your business. We can also help you monitor, maintain and manage your entire IT infrastructure – on-premises, in the cloud, or both!

It all starts with a conversation. Contact us to get started.

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